Tuesday, 12 August 2014


We love shopping.

We all love shopping.

So it was a complete no-brainer that at some point, we needed to dedicate a Sewcial to our second favourite hobby. Number 1 being 'making stuff' of course.

We decided that creating our own shopping bags would be a great way to combine two of our fave things!

Having found an excellent supplier, and with the help of our friends at It's Nice Out (we love you Amazon Prime), we stocked up on canvas tote bags and a selection of fabric paints then set about looking for inspiration.

On Monday night, with potatoes at the ready along with pom-pom makers, buttons, felt and a little bit of creativity, our group of girls gathered to make their own bespoke shopping bags.

We had loads of fun, and we think they turned out okay... what do you think?

Thanks to all of our girls for another great Sewcial!